Fleur de Dee (silverdee) wrote,
Fleur de Dee

Mon Anniversaire

I had a fun and busy birthday yesterday. I actually did get some work done. I was treated to a great lunch by friends from the office, including phoenix_anew! I received flowers from a new co-worker who was thanking me for all the help I've given her since she started her job. I was very touched by her thoughfulness and it was gratifying to have my efforts recognized.

Last night, Juannie and my parents had a wonderful meal together. I got lots of wonderful gifts from Juannie including a beautiful pearl necklace with a fleur de lis pendant and new outdoor speakers for my iPod.

It was a lovely way to see in #41.

Birthday Bouquet
Birthday Bouquet

Tags: birthday, family, juannie, me, pictures, work
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