Fleur de Dee (silverdee) wrote,
Fleur de Dee

Sunday Memories

Juannie and I cleaned up the deepest recesses of our backyard this morning to prepare for the delivery of our new storage shed. It was a very different start to the final Sunday in August than we experienced last year.

Memories from that other Sunday morning...

-Seeing endless lines of cars stuffed with people, pets and belongings snaking along Williams Blvd. and on to I-10 going West toward Baton Rouge.

-Marveling at the sunny skies over the water as we crawled across the Spillway because I knew what the city was facing in less than twenty-four hours.

-Looking at the silhouette of the New Orleans skyline through the back window and worrying about all of the people who didn't have a way out of the city.

-Crying silent tears when they announced Katrina was now a Category 5 on WWL radio.

-Begging my parents over the phone to evacuate and when they wouldn't listen, calling my brothers to tell them that I didn't have the strength anymore to convince them to leave.

-Wondering if the enormous gnawing knot in my stomach, that had appeared two days before when I saw Katrina was headed toward NO, would ever go away with no idea I'd still have it at varying levels a year later.

-Praying along with Father Maestri as he said the Litany of Our Lady of Prompt Succor on the radio and being more fearful than I'd ever been before in my entire life.

-Feeling a touch of relief when I reached my brother and he told me my parents were on their way to meet him in Baton Rouge.

-Being proud of Juannie, Bess and Rocky for being so supportive when I fell apart numerous times during that seemingly endless drive to Jackson.

-Feeling welcome and grateful when we reached the home of our friend, Thomas, in Jackson not knowing that we'd have to stay there for three weeks.
Tags: evacuation, family, me, new orleans, storm

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