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My Ties To The Lower 9th Ward

Both of my parents grew up in the now infamous Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. Juannie lived in the 9th Ward when he was a little boy. My father owned a drugstore on St. Claude Avenue and I worked in his store during the summer. My grandmother lived in the same house in the 300 block of Tricou Street for seventy years until it was sold two years ago. She broke her hip and couldn't live alone anymore.

This article shares the story of some people from the Lower 9th Ward since Katrina.

I agree with what Theodora Guilbeaux said about the misinformation spread by the media about the 9th Ward last year. Poor people did live there but lots of people chose to live in those neighborhoods because they wanted to be there. They stuck close to their family and friends, their heritage, their property and their fond memories.

Snagged from swampytad.
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