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Corgi Capers

The dogs and I are spending some time outside enjoying the breezy pleasantness of the evening...

Rocky is minding his own business sniffing and strolling leisurely around the yard. Bess interrupts her own doings to watch him and then hunkers down in the grass. She is now stalking her prey.

Rocky is unaware of the change in his status from stroller to stalkee and continues his ambling. Bessie makes herself as small as possible and is ready to pounce when the target nears her.

Then Rocky inexplicably stops and rolls around on the ground making grunting noises. Once he's done with this, he remains still as if he's resting on the lawn. Bessie is confused. "What is going on? Why is that goofy boy messing up my plan for him?"

Bessie gets bored watching him while he continues to recline. She starts walking around the yard sniffing the wind and watching the mockingbirds.

Rocky leaps up from his seemingly indolent pose. He tears over to Bess, catches her unaware and tackles her. Then the chase is on. Rocky chases Bess as she escapes his clutches. Then Bess turns the tables and doubles back and starts after Rocky. Wrestling occurs randomly. More running and barking.

As if on cue, both dogs stop and lie down in the cool grass. Back to relaxation time once again.
Tags: bess, corgis, dogs, pets, rocky, yard

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