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Wrinkle Release Is A Must

In the picture below, you see two products that we keep in our laundry room cabinet: Febreeze Fabric Refresher and Solo Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release. I usually use Downy Wrinkle Release which comes in a distinctive white bottle but I ran out. I knew we had the Solo stuff in the cabinet.

I went in search of Solo because I needed to unfurl the hem of a blouse I am wearing to a party tonight at Roger and Rico's house. I grabbed the Febreeze in error. This occurred because the bottles are both the exact same shade of blue, almost the same height and have brightly colored nozzles. I then sprayed Febreeze all over the hem of the blouse trying to get it to unwind itself. The blouse now smells extra Febreezey but it is still not showing proper hem attitude.

I have pumped up the smell on my blouse by spraying Solo once the Febreeze dried. I may knock out the other folks at the party with my dueling fabric refresher scentedness but I will have reduced allergens which I think will be a plus for them.

Product Comparison
Product Comparison

P.S. Please note the new countertop, sink and faucet in the picture.
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