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The Saints Are To Ready To Go Marching!

First Saints game of the regular season! Go Saints Go!

Today's menu by Juannie:

Pre-Game - Fritatta with cheese, sausage, onion, garlic, corn relish and potato

Game Time - Queso

Post-Game - Roast Beef Sandwiches

In addition to lots of football viewing all day and evening, we will be working on moving into the front of the Halfway House because we are officially halfway through our renovation. Juannie leaves for Palo Alto tomorrow for five days so we have to get some things done before he flies out early in the morning. I will be tackling moving our clothes out of the closets and into storage bins and giant Ziploc bags while he's away.

And as of Friday, we are officially on vacation. Off to Fort Morgan to laze away our days at the beach and we are taking Bess and Rocky for their first beach excursion ever!
Tags: food, football, juannie, renovation, saints, vacation
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