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Blah Is Me

I had big plans to go out today and get some shopping done but I am feeling exhausted by the prospect of even getting dressed and walking out the front door. I do know that it's normal to be overwhelmed when facing ongoing stress but I just want to feel like my normal and enthusiastic self about things that should be fun. One of my stops today was to buy some crafty stuff and make a homemade t-shirt for the next Saints home game but I don't feel like doing even that.

Some of my blahness is caused by our no-show contractor this week leaving us with a working tub and toilet in the bathroom but the sink is leaking, no mirror and the closet is not usable. I hate being a refugee within the confines of my own house.

I haven't really had a quiet day at home by myself in a while so I'm just going with my blah mood and planning to finish my current book, The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst, and starting my next one, The Fourth Bear: A Nursery Crime by Jasper Fforde. Then I will have a relaxing bubble bath to celebrate that at least the tub is working.

I will be going out to vote, though. Too many important state constitutional amendments on the ballot to ignore my civic duty no matter how much of a funk I'm in.
Tags: books, home, me, politics, reading, renovation, saints
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