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Life On Another Planet

This post, from a blog I just found today, explains what life is like for anyone affected by Hurricane Katrina. Planet Katrina

"There are the psychological layers too and how we were affected psychologically can be very disparate. Some lost almost everything and still manage emotionally. Others lost a little and are devastated emotionally. Still others who think they’ve moved on really haven’t. The effect is still there, behind the scenes in the sub-conscious. It manifests itself in the 'zoning out' you catch yourself in during the day. In the inability to tolerate things that never bothered you before, the low threshold for stimulation of sight, sound, even smell. In the fitful, sleepless nights or the penchant for sleeping too much. It shows in weekends spent in pajamas – not bathing – not eating – just vegging."
Tags: new orleans, storm
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