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Not At Work Yet

It's a rare weekday morning when I get to check in on LJ these days thanks to the block at work.

I am at home this morning waiting for the contractor to show up for the walk-through of the bathroom. This is overdue by a week and was scheduled twice while Juannie was at home on Monday and Wednesday. Since the contractor did not show up for those meetings, he gets to deal with me.

Juannie laughed when I told him that the contractor asked for him when he called and sounded more than a bit nervous when I said that I would be here waiting for him this morning. Juannie said, "He will definitely wish that he had met with me by the time you are done with him." I've got pictures, lists and even a print out of our shower wall kit from the Home Depot website so I can do show and tell with him, "This is what it's supposed to look like and see how ours resembles something out of a Dr. Seuss book since there are no straight lines appearing anywhere."

I am lucky that my boss is so understanding about these kinds of things. I hope to get to work before lunch. That's if the nitwit shows up on schedule.

This morning's mantra: I promise not to draw and quarter him, I promise not to draw and quarter him, I promise not to draw and quarter him...
Tags: home, renovation, work

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