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Ant Music

I love Adam Ant. I have loved him since the glorious early days of MTV. bibliovixen got me all gooey over Adam Ant yesterday with this post, about the release of his autobiography. And today, she continues the fun sharing several of his videos.

Thinking about Adam Ant makes me remember how transfixed my three brothers and I were by MTV in late 1981 and early 1982. We couldn't wait to get home from school so we could sit for hours in front of the television. My mom and dad became very concerned about our obsession with it. We were excited by the the music we heard because it was not being played on the radio in New Orleans. And while most of the videos were goofy and low quality, they were still mesmerizing. It was a potent combination of new music and a new medium for showcasing the artists and their songs.

I want that MTV.

Adam Ant Adam Ant

Adam a la Andy Warhol Adam a la Andy Warhol

Tags: adam ant, early mtv, eighties, music, television, youtube
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