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Domefield Advantage

The four guys on Inside The NFL on HBO all picked Philadelphia over New Orleans.

90% of the betting public went with the Eagles over the Saints.

And just like almost all analysts, The Sports Network sided with the Birds over the Fleur De Lis Boys.

"One might expect the Eagles to be experiencing a bit of a hangover after last week's big win over the Cowboys, but the M.O. for Andy Reid-coached teams has been a businesslike, bordering on emotionless, approach to success. Philadelphia knows it still has much work to do in a difficult division, and must remain focused in its quest to again become a part of the NFL elite. The Saints' demeanor has also been impressive, as they have summoned the emotion to play hard each week despite what some still believe to be an average base of talent. Expect New Orleans to give Philadelphia its best shot, but also expect a younger, less self-assured group of players to make one more mistake than the veteran Eagles in the fourth quarter en route to the franchise's first loss at the Superdome this season. Sports Network Predicted Outcome: Eagles 28, Saints 22"

So sorry Bob Costas and company. Too bad all you betting folk. Suck on it you doubting Thomas analysts.

Because the Saints beat the Eagles!!!!!

The Saints kept their heads when things got tough and played their game through four quarters to beat "an elite team". We ate up eight and a half minutes in the 4th quarter and kept that drive going with 3 conversions on 3rd down. Then Coach Sean Payton used excellent clock management in the last 2 minutes to take away any chance for the Eagles to get the ball back. The entire stadium held its breath as John Carney kicked the winning field goal with a few seconds left in the game.

The fans worked very hard this week to give the Saints the maximum Domefield Advantage. We were so loud that we caused the Eagles to get 2 penalties and forced them to use 3 timeouts because they couldn't operate with all the noise. I can barely talk right now because I screamed so much. It was worth it. This victory was so sweet.

The New Orleans Saints are now 5-1.
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