Fleur de Dee (silverdee) wrote,
Fleur de Dee

Go Deer Go!

Deer chases boy. Uses him as salt lick.

"Seventh-grader Kevin Cox was reminded this weekend that animals are unpredictable, and sometimes, just plain odd...

...Finally, the deer overtook Kevin and got a little overly friendly.

"It caught up to me, and then it jumped on my back and started licking my ear, so I pushed it off and it started licking my ear again," Kevin said. "So I just kept on running, and there were coaches with sweat shirts and they yelled at me to come towards them. So I ran towards them, and they shooed the deer off with their sweat shirts."

Kevin and his coaches have a theory on why the deer chased him.

"The coaches said that it wanted the salt from the sweat on my back, and, um, I think it was using me as a human salt lick," said Kevin."

That kid is lucky the deer just licked him. It could've been much worse. Check out the genius below who doused himself in deer musk to aid his hunting trip. (I like the fact that his wife kept filming while the deer beat the crap out of him.)

Tags: animals, nature, news, youtube
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