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National Spelling Bee

I watched part of the National Spelling Bee last night and learned some new words.

Here are a few that were spelled in the final rounds:

parrhesia - boldness of speech
scheherazadian - strangely fabulous
schwarmerei - excessive enthusiasm or attachment
tralatitious - of oral tradition

The word that was spelled to win the bee was autochthonous which means indigenous, native especially when describing flora or fauna.

After seeing the documentary Spellbound, I have a new appreciation for the time and effort the contestants put in to prepare for all of the spelling bees they must compete in to make it to the national bee. It also shows the incredible stress the contestants endure throughout the process.

I also read a haunting novel about a young girl who discovers her talent for spelling and makes it to the national competition while her family is spiralling out of control. It is called Bee Season by Myla Goldberg.

We didn't have spelling bees at my school. I wonder why...
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