Fleur de Dee (silverdee) wrote,
Fleur de Dee

The Great Pretenders

What really irks me about young Republicans like Bobby Jindal (LA), David Vitter (LA), Jack Kingston (GA), Patrick McHenry (NC), and their ilk is the obvious opportunism. If the Democrats had been the ascendant party when they made the decision to pursue a career in politics, I believe they all would have been Democrats.

So give me a guy like Barney Frank who has made his career based on his genuine ability to express ideas and his belief in those ideas. I'll take him over these young Repub robots who can spout the party line on demand while pandering to the religious right and parading their families on cue for personal gain. Give me a guy like Max Cleland or Jack Murtha. Give me a gal like Lynn Woolsey. These are people who brought real life experience to Congress and not a personal desire for power that was well-served by joining the party on the upswing.

Jindal, Vitter, Kingston and McHenry won yesterday so now they have to deal with being the minority party. Let's see if it's as fun being a pretender when you don't have the majority perks propping you up.
Tags: election, politics
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