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Stomped The Whiners

My mom has been designated an official good luck charm for the New Orleans Saints after yesterday's incredible victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Dillyberto explains the years of torment Saints fans experienced at the hands of the 49ers here. We suffered through the endless reign of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young and Ronnie Lott playing them twice a year.

I've always respected the Forty-Niner teams and coaches but have no respect for the Whiner fans. When I lived in San Francisco, I attended a game where Steve Young went in for a few plays after Joe Montana got shaken up and Steve Young got booed. Booed! New Orleans would have begged, borrowed and stolen for a quarterback of Steve Young's caliber and the spoiled, obnoxious fans of San Fran booed him. Any chance that I might have ever been a San Fran fan ended at that game in Candlestick Park.

So it was delicious revenge to watch Reggie Bush and the rest of my beloved team romp all over the Whiners in the Superdome yesterday. As Bobby Hebert's been saying, "Dese ain't your Mama's Saints!"
Tags: football, new orleans, saints, san francisco
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