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Pizza Party At Sebastian's Place

I remember when I was a kid that I wasn't even allowed into hospitals to visit when relatives had babies. And when I was finally old enough to get in, it was all so controlled and scary and boring so why would you want to go anyway? Not anymore!

Tonight, we had a pizza party in Sebastian's room. The twins, Hayden and Ryker, were there checking out their newest cousin. They pronounce his name "Tebastyun" and it's so cute. At one point, we had three children including the tiny one, the new parents, Renee's mom, Dave & Jen who travel with the twins, two friends of the new parents and me all in the room munching on pizza, drinking beer and listening to The Meters. A nurse came in to check on Renee and the baby. She didn't even look surprised to see all the people hanging out. So much more relaxing for new parents.

And Sebastian was his sweet little sleepy cute self through most of it. Although he did wake up for a while and seemed to be very interested in the twins when they would talk to him. They told him what they want from Santa, they showed him their balloons made for them out of surgical gloves and they told him about the tunnel leading from the parking garage into the hospital. Sebastian kept his head turned in their direction while they talked and his eyes were wide open.

It's going to be so much fun watching the three of them and Mats, who is now eight months old, hanging out together as they get older. Our own version of The Brat Pack!
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