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Subconscious Gift

I need to write about this dream before I forget some of the details. I just woke up so this may be jumbly.

In the dream I was ten years old again and I got to see my grandfather, Grumpy, who died when I was eighteen. He bent down to give me a big hug and I could smell the cigar smoke on his clothes and feel his warmth and the strength of his arms around me. I miss that. In the dream, we could see the Mississippi River and the levee from his window. Grumpy always took his grandchildren on his daily walks with the dogs on top of the levee behind Jackson Barracks. We would watch the swirl of the water and the boats out on the river. The river was high in the dream like it is in spring and some of the trees behind the levee were under water. Just the green tops were visible. It was sunny and there were clouds drifting by in the deep blue sky. This was all visible from his window. I don't remember seeing my cousin, Sharon, but I remember hearing her voice telling me not to forget Grumpy's worry beads.

The next thing I remember was standing in line going up a flight of stairs with a bunch of other kids. I was wearing a white school blouse, gym shorts and tennis shoes. I thought to myself, "So this is what it's like to be ten years old again."

I miss my granfather. I am happy I had that short time with him today.



Dec. 21st, 2006 12:46 am (UTC)
Wow, this dream really struck me. Great memory to pop up during your slumber. It's weird how powerful they can be. Also, my great grandpa was called Grump. i don't remember him much, but thought that was a funny coincidence. And, Grump's son, my Paw Paw, lived on Waterford in Louisiana (where the nuclear plant is now) and we spent lots of time fishing off the levees and watching the ships go down to New Orleans. So, your dream hit home with me. Nice post.


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