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Not Ready for Work One Bit!

The four-day Christmas weekend is winding down. Back to work tomorrow. Bleh!

I shall occupy myself at the office with setting up my fancy new cell phone. It's not just a phone because it also takes pictures.! I don't know why I waited so long to decide I wanted a camera phone. But it will be fun to just snap who or whatever without needing to have my big camera with me.

Besides the holiday events with family and friends, Juannie and I have been spending most of our time celebrating the New Orleans Saints win over the New York Giants and the huge Cowboys' loss to Philly (Thanks Jeff Garcia! I've always known you were a heckuva quarterback.) which ensured the Saints' would have a first-round bye and at least one home playoff game. A historic first for my beloved team! We both gave each other Saints garb to wear to the remaining games.

The rest of our time has been spent playing the latest 1980's version of Trivial Pursuit that I received from Juannie. And he has been kicking my ass. I guess the fact that I didn't watch television for most of the decade due to the rabid studying and the use of goodly substances during my off times has impaired my knowledge of those years. It also doesn't help that I keep finding myself stuck on the sports category for my last pie piece and every question is about baseball and basketball. I always answer George Brett for all baseball questions and Magic Johnson for the basketball ones. Eventually, I may get one or two correct. If only some of the sports questions were about football or tennis, maybe I'd have a shot! I finally won a game tonight thanks to my knowledge of DeGrassi, Kurt Waldheim, Amy Tan, Debbie Gibson and Michael Jackson. I discovered while playing that I'd forgotten about Richard Marx, Apple's Lisa 2, Falcon Crest and Samantha Smith.

I am glad for a three-day work week and another long holiday weekend. It makes the idea of returning to work bearable.
Tags: football, fun, games, gifts, holiday, juannie, new orleans, saints
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