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Merry Pup-mas

A loving father takes his young daughter to Wal-Mart to return a broken toy she received for Christmas. They are in the store for a while dealing with the slow Customer Service desk to exhange the defective toy for a new one. Father and daughter return to their pick-up truck with bag in hand and when father puts the package in the back, he finds two 5-6 week old puppies and a bag of dog food. Father thinks that he has the wrong truck at first but then realizes that his remote worked and unlocked it. Father drives home with a happy daughter who not only got a working toy that evening but the belated Christmas gift of two puppies.

This true story was told to me by a co-worker yesterday. Obviously, he was pegged by someone watching people in the parking lot as a caring person who also had the added bonus of a pick-up truck to easily put the puppies into along with a small child to get attached to the pooches. Luckily, my co-worker is a dog person and because his wife and daughter became immediately smitten with the puppies, he will be keeping them. He already has two chihuahuas. The puppies will grow up to be bigger than chihuahuas because they appear to be Lab mixes.

I am glad the story turned out well for these two puppies especially since my co-worker really is a great guy. But I wonder how many other puppies got dumped that evening by the same people and what will become of them. I hope they all wound up in caring homes.

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