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Celebrate Good Times!

Juannie and I are spending New Year's Eve at home after a fun afternoon in the Superdome. The New Orleans Saints lost but the first string moved up the field with ease before they left the game. And once the second string went in, they kept the hapless Carolina Panthers working hard until the end. We go into the playoffs on a positive note with a week of rest waiting to see who our first opponent will be.

After a two-hour nap, Juannie and I began our nighttime celebration with our favorite festive meal, snack plate. This version includes: summer sausage, Grafton maple-smoked cheddar, garlic dill cheddar, Cheshire, Rainier cherries, pear, Creole mustard, bread and butter jalapenos and assorted crackers along with a lovely A. Margaine champagne.

Holiday Snack Plate
Holiday Snack Plate

Happy New Year!
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