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Saints - This Saturday Night in The Superdome!

And now, for something completely different.

"After the four games played on Wild Card weekend, there have been 368 postseason games played in the NFL since 1967, the Saints first season in the NFL. New Orleans has won just one of them. This Saturday, the Saints host the Philadelphia Eagles in an attempt to advance to the NFC Championship Game for the very first time. It is going to be a wild scene down in the Crescent City.

Mardi Gras celebrations are never known for their modesty or caution, and they happen every year. The city will be absolutely nuts on a Saturday night that doesn't come around nearly as often. And the fans have real hope. There is no reason that they cannot defeat the Eagles, being that the Saints have already defeated them 27-24 in a game played at the Superdome on October 15."
Tags: football, new orleans, saints
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