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Saints - Black & Gold Gris Gris

Go Saints Go!

The anti-hurricane shoebox altar gets some Saints-centric additions today.

Please note the Saints Flick It football and goalpost which I received as a Christmas present from yellowdoggrl, tickets from the games we won in the Dome this season including the victory over the Eagles, Saints pendant that broke the week of the Redskins game but the Saints came back and stomped the Giants the next week, the picture of me and my Dome neighbor in our Marques Colston jerseys, and the Saints lighters used to keep the gametime candles burning all season long.

And Rocky displays his perpetual Saints colors before going long for the Saints mini-football.

I Believe!

Marching With The Mojo Marching With The Mojo
Rocky's In That Number! Rocky's In That Number!

Tags: football, mysaints, new orleans, nolagrl, pictures, rocky, saints
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