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My Here & Now

Juannie and I have been busy choosing, spending, assembling and organizing. We finally have a functional and comfortable living room with our first bookshelf post-Katrina. There's nothing on the walls yet. That's my latest project. I am selecting the best of my photography and printing and framing it for display all over the house. I've been a hermit with all this going on in addition to work and my writing project. I haven't even been to one Mardi Gras parade. And I don't know if I will make it to one this year. My time away from LJ has been productive and happy. I look forward to having a functional office within the next week. And once the computer is set up on our new desk with hutch and file cabinets, I hope to be online more often.
At Last! A Bookshelf! At Last! A Bookshelf!
Progress On The Homefront Progress On The Homefront
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