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"Look, I Have No Turkey."

Kitty With Wanderlust Thwarts Airport Security

"A New Brunswick woman is wondering how she made it through Saint John Airport security and all the way to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., with a live cat in her suitcase.

Mary Martell discovered Ginger, the family pet, in her luggage after a two-hour plane ride to Toronto and an hour's drive to Niagara-on-the-Lake. The cat apparently snuck into a bag while Martell was packing.

Martell said her bag was scanned at the airport, but she was not stopped.

'They had asked me, when they put … the luggage through the X-ray, whether I had a turkey,' Martell said.

'[Security] kept going back and forth with [the suitcase],' Martell said. 'I was adamant. 'Look, I have no turkey.'

The bag was sent on and loaded into the cargo bay of the airplane. Ginger, 3, was discovered when Martell opened her suitcase in her hotel room.

Security workers at the Saint John Airport would not comment to CBC reporters, referring questions to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.

A spokeswoman with the authority said the incident would be investigated.

Air Canada agreed to let the cat fly home for free in a proper pet container.

Martell said Ginger is doing fine."

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