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Tempting Treats

Before we embarked on South Beach, Juannie emptied the cabinets and pantries of any snacks that were not allowed on the diet. So our cupboard is bare of anything besides nuts.

Bess and Rocky, on the other hand, have lots of different things in their cabinet including some items from the Petco treat bar. It's a mix-it-yourself deal with all kinds of goodies like goldfish, cookies, crackers, pretzels, alpha-bits, etc. We buy one-quarter of a pound at a time and dole them out when they are being extra-sweet little pupsters.

We keep some in a little jar on the kitchen counter so they are handy. And just now when I opened the jar to give them each a tiny something, there was a smell that was so enticing. The aroma of the chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies was almost too much to endure. I quickly grabbed them each a goldfish and slammed the lid down on the jar before I gave in to the temptation of eating my dogs' cookies. I've never eyed their treats longingly before this.

Thankfully we have moved on to Phase 2 and they have some acceptable muffin and cookie recipes for this phase. Juannie needs to bake me something very soon or I will continue to be tempted by dog treats.
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