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Early Morning, Part 2

Once I finished up the session with the duck family, I decided to get some photos of my Choral Angel Daylilies blooming away in the garden.

As I leaned in and focused to take the first picture you see here, the bee landed on the flower and everything was in focus. I had to immediately calm myself so I could snap the photo because I might only get one chance before it flew away. But it did not move. So I moved in even closer and got another one. Then I kept clicking and clicking while barely managing to contain my excitement at this rare opportunity.

The bee probably stayed in the same spot and position for thirty seconds. I got thirteen photos.

Thanks Bee!

Bee Prepared For Anything
Bee Prepared For Anything
Bee Ready For A Closeup
Bee Ready For A Closeup

Tags: bees, flowers, garden, insects, pictures
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