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Three's A Crowd On The Futon

Juannie and I decided to give the futon a sleepover test drive last night so we bunked in the office. It was a Memorial Day Eve slumber party. The mattress is very comfortable so we are now ready for guests and we know they will sleep well on it.

Guests will have the benefit of a closed door to aid their nights of blissful slumber. We did not. Rocky decided at 3AM to nudge me awake with his cold nose after placing his front paws on the side of the futon. He can't do this when we sleep in our bed so this was quite exciting for him because his short legs allowed him to reach me. I gave him a quick pat and then rolled over with my back to him which is the universal signal for: "You are very cute but I'm too tired to play with you right now." Apparently, Rocky skipped out on this lesson at Corgi school so he decided that it was time for more aggressive measures and jumped up on the futon using my ear and the side of my head for leverage. This resulted in Rocky hanging onto my face with his back feet dangling and furry body wiggling. It was fun for no one but him.

My instinct was to lift him up and once he was fully on the futon, he pranced around happily managing to wake up and piss off Juannie. Meanwhile, I was gingerly feeling my ear to make sure it was not in cauliflower mode. (It's still quite tender by the way.) He was quickly and firmly banished from the futon by a very sleepy Juannie who promptly snoozed again. I, of course, stayed awake after all of the excitement. Each time I dozed off, Rocky was mysteriously on the move. His activity always woke me up because I was afraid he would try to jump on me again and I was worried about further damage to my head.

So I am very sleepy on this Memorial Day but happy nonetheless to spend this pleasant evening at home with my three loves. Rocky has been forgiven. I can never stay mad at him. He's just too cute and sweet.
Tags: corgis, dogs, holiday, home, juannie, rocky

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