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More About The New Typhoid Mary

Andrew Speaker is not only a sneaky bastard but a liar, too. Anyone surprised? Didn't think so.

In a briefing Wednesday, CDC official Martin Cetron said the patient has been under medical care since January, when a chest X-ray, given for unrelated reasons, showed a lesion that later turned out to be TB.

The patient told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he had not been ordered to avoid traveling and that health officials knew of his plans to go to Greece to be married and to Rome on his honeymoon. But health officials dispute that.

"There is a difference of opinion on whether anybody condoned his travel," Cetron said. "The (county) health department clearly told him not to travel. He was aware he had (drug-resistant TB) on the 10th of May and was told not to travel."

"Difference of opinion" is just press conference speak for "Andrew is full of shit."

"He had been told what he should and should not do and ignored that. I think that is criminally wrong. It's negligence."
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