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So Doverly

Rocky and Bess have been very interested in a particular spot along the fence for the last few days. I didn't give it much thought because they get fixated on certain areas in the yard and then move on after a while. Yesterday, Rocky chased a dove away from the bird feeder and the bird flew into a little nook between the fence and a hackberry bush which is right above the spot they've been sniffing. The poor bird looked like it was stuck so I hurried over there to make sure it was okay. And when I got close, I realized it wasn't stuck but sitting on a nest perched in the sheltered space. So now I am trying to keep them from spending too much time in that part of the yard since I caught Rocky on his hind legs right under the nest sniffing and then he started barking.

If all goes well with the nesting, we'll have baby doves in a few weeks!

Nesting Dove
Nesting Dove

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