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Table Talk in Cleveland

Rating The Debate.

Barack Obama didn’t seem as sure of himself as he has in past debates. He stuttered a few times but usually recovered quickly and proceeded to give considered responses in an unruffled manner. I wish he hadn't waffled initially on the Louis Farrakhan question.

Hillary Clinton didn't endear herself to voters who are on the fence when she said, "Could I just point out that, in the last several debates, I seem to get the first question all the time?" Not very authoritative to complain about going first in a debate which is usually the best scenario for a debater. Then she continued, "If anybody saw 'Saturday Night Live,' you know, maybe we should ask Barack if he's comfortable and needs another pillow." Some in the audience groaned and hissing could also be heard. This exemplified Clinton's tone for the rest of the evening: querulous and petty.

I liked that the moderators weren't asking softball questions and didn't let Clinton and Obama take the easy way out with their answers. Tim Russert was especially dogged on making the candidates stick to the intent of his questions.
Tags: 2008 election, news, obama, politics
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