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WTF Geraldine!?!

"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept." -- Geraldine Ferraro

A post on HuffPo in response to Geraldine Ferraro's comment about Barack Obama.

From the post...

"I'd love a woman for vice president and president. Just not her (Geraldine) and her friend Hillary. And speaking of Hillary...

As of late, I can no longer listen to her voice... If I hear her carry on about her foreign policy experience one more time, I may kill myself. It's like she realized going the George Bush route of saying something totally untrue hundreds of times so we believe it is the way to go.

Doesn't she realize that that is one of major reasons Barack is ahead? That we're sick of that bullshit?

Enough already ladies. I don't want to want to kill myself anymore because I'd love to see a woman I can respect lead this nation."

A comment to the post...

"Senator Obama stripped of his color has nothing to propel him to victory. Obama supporters are asked to look at him as a white man and search their souls, for the absolute truth about their support for him? It is his color, multicultural background and his middle name Hussein that his followers find attractive according to Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro. Take those invaluable and unfair attributes away and they would flock to Senator Hillary Clinton.

I am an Obama supporter. Open minded, college educated, and expensive coffee drinker.

Geraldine Ferraro said and I paraphrase: Obama is only where he is, because he is black. He would not be where he is if he was a woman, or white, and he is lucky for who he is.

I would like to presume it not a racist statement. I think she is completely and utterly wrong. It is amazing for me to see how Clinton supporters are blown away by Senator Obama's persistent wins, no matter how many kitchen Sinks are thrown at him. They cannot understand how he can win, having no experience in a governor's office as a spouse or as a first man in the white house. They really believe that he is winning because of foolish starry eyed 18 year old college kids, who are high jacking caucuses all across the country with strong armed tactics. They actually have bought into their own rhetoric of cultish stupid mesmerized followers.

What was news to me was that Ms Ferraro believes him to be so unqualified a candidate that we, his supporters and followers are blinded by his story and race. The fact that he had an African father, he grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, and he is black are his only qualifications based on which I or others like me support him. We are so blinded by the above facts that we choose to ignore that he has no other qualifications. According to Ms Ferraro, we have been duped by his color and background. If you take away his color, his background, and his father away and only leave behind a white man or woman with his remaining attributes, he or she would have no chance of winning.

So, my fellow starry eyed, foolish, young, rich, white collar professional cultish followers of Senator Obama here are the questions being raised by Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro.

Take away his color, imagine him to be a white man or woman who grew up in a town called hope in Arkansas, and was raised by his parents and not his grandparents, his name is John Smith and not Barak Hussein Obama, who never travelled outside of the United States, would you still support him?
I want to give Ms Ferraro the benefit of the doubt and hence to the best of my understanding, this question can be answered only by Obama voters. Hillary supporters who are racists, sexist or bigots are out because they are definitely not supportive of him because of his color, gender or name. The ones who would not vote for him because of his name are also out. This is an exercise only for the so called open minded, change supporters, who call themselves beyond race and for his African American supporters. She is calling their support into question.

You are to imagine him to be of the same character, a senator from Illinois, who happens to be honest, holds the same policy positions, puts together the same grass root organization, has the same unparallel ability to inspire and make Americans proud to be who they are. He is young, 46, with appeal across the party lines, will attract independents, and has the potential to change the American landscape, tilting a generation of voters forever liberal and democratic. Ms Geraldine Ferraro asserts that given all these attributes, and stripping him of his color and background family story and he would have bowed out of the race by now, back in Chicago, with his Methodist blonde wife and his lovely daughters. Hillary Clinton would have pocketed the nomination and the democrats would be on their way to the white house.

If only Obama was white or a woman this race would be long over and a deserving woman, with 35 years of experience and solutions would be on her way to make history supported by 100 percent of women and not just 70 percent of over 50, more than half of white men, white and black voters all across America, Midwest, south, West including Hawaii, and Alaska. Senator Obama without the color of his skin and his upbringing stripped has nothing to propel him to victory. He is a pale empty shell."
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