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Special Delivery

This morning at 7:10AM there was a loud knock at the front door. Juannie got out of bed to look through the peephole and spied a Jefferson Parish policeman in uniform. I'd already left for work so my poor husband immediately thought that I had been in an accident and the officer was coming to notify him about my condition.

Juannie opened the door and the officer stated that he had a subpoena for me. For jury duty. My husband was stunned. He asked the officer, "Are all of the jury duty notifications hand-delivered now?" The officer replied, "We've being doing this shit since April."

I know that people are desperate to avoid jury duty and certainly lie about receiving their notifications but having police officers deliver them door-to-door seems like a huge waste of manpower and money.

This is my first time ever getting a jury duty summons. All that moving around over the years kept me under the radar. Luckily, my company gives full pay for jury duty so it's not a financial hardship. I will look upon this as an opportunity to get lots of reading done while I wait around at the courthouse.
Tags: doing the right thing
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