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My Brain's Abuzz

Lots to do and lots to think about.

The Clintons have redeemed themselves in my eyes. Their speeches at the Democratic Convention were rousing and showed real support for Barack Obama. I love Bill Clinton but found myself continually disappointed during the primaries by the tactics of the Clinton campaign as Hillary battled Barack Obama for the nomination. I had my fingers crossed that Bill would not show his disappointment over Hillary's loss to Barack. But tonight Bill was on message and on fire as he showed his full support for Barack Obama's candidacy. I was also impressed by the speeches by Beau Biden and Joe Biden. And then I got giddy like a fan girl when Barack Obama stepped on stage to embrace Joe Biden and acknowledge the delegates. A great night of conventioneering!

I was glad to hear Bill Clinton mention Hurricane Katrina during his speech as Tropical Storm Gustav is churning his way toward the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone I know is worried and we are preparing for another potential evacuation. We are hoping that we don't have to actually follow through with leaving our homes once again but we are ready if need be. I just hung up decorative plates and pictures in my kitchen last month after almost three years and it's unnerving to think that my little house may be damaged so soon after getting things back to normal. We will evacuate on Sunday to Jackson, MS if we must but I have my fingers crossed and my anti-hurricane shoo box altar working its mojo. Gustav is verboten in these parts!
Tags: 2008 election, new orleans, politics, storm

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