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Meanwhile In Election Land

I have been forced to take time away from hurricane tracking to pay attention to the McCain campaign. I think that John McCain should have asked me to be his running mate instead of Sarah Palin. If he was looking to really shock the political world, I certainly could have done the job.

Granted, I haven't been a mayor or governor but I have managed an apartment community which does require diplomacy and toughness. It's true that I am a Democrat but McCain was seriously considering Joe Lieberman and he's only an Independent now because the Democrats in Connecticut rejected him.

Like Sarah, John McCain doesn't know me at all. I speak cleanly (someone wrote that about her today). You can count on me to speak cleanly especially if small children or senior citizens are around. I, too, minored in political science and I have continued my political science education by watching Bill Maher, obsessive browsing of Huffington Post and I get a varied viewpoint by reading Andrew Sullivan's blog.

In my favor, I'm a year younger than Sarah, I have time to keep up with foreign policy issues because I don't have five children and I have experience dealing with natural disasters. If she's a viable option, why not me!?!

Edit... Thanks to yellowdoggrl, I now have a banner promoting me as an alternative to Sarah Palin. Senator McCain missed a genuine opportunity to show that he was a true maverick.

McCain & Dee
McCain & Dee

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