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Jackson Again

We made it to Jackson yesterday in record time: 9 hours. It's a record for the longest it's ever taken us to make a trip that normally takes 3 hours. There were so many people going north this time because going west wasn't a good idea with Gustav's path taking him through all of southern LA.

We saw lots of pet carriers and cages. We saw parrots, budgies and bunnies driving by all looking very confused by the change in scenery. The people looked concerned and harried as the traffic trudged. At one point, it took 2 hours to go fourteen miles. By the time we arrived at our friend's home, we were ready for a drink. He was ready for us with a lovely dinner with some of his friends. It definitely helped take the edge off a trying day.

Our house is already without power this morning. Juannie found that info on a website when he woke up. I just hope there's no water creeping in there.
Tags: evacuation, new orleans, storm
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