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Dialing for Obama

Last night, I did my first round of campaign calls for Barack Obama. The phone list I received was for Florida voters. I made 35 calls in two and a half hours while at home using my cell phone. Thanks AT&T for all those roll over minutes and free long distance!

It was so heartening to talk to people of all ages and hear that they supported Obama. I only had two people say they were voting for McCain and one woman would not say who she supported so I figure it was McCain. Many people had already participated in early voting.

One gentleman in his sixties told me that he and his wife were "lifelong Republicans" who voted for Obama. They went to the Obama rally in Tampa on Monday and then stood in line for 4 hours to vote. I asked if they were interested in volunteering and he said that he could not because of a disability but that his wife had already contacted an Obama field office in her area. Lifelong Republicans. Amazing.

I'll be making more calls this evening.
Tags: 2008 election, doing the right thing, obama, politics
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