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Weird Photo Problem

I just posted the question below on a digital picture frame website. I was polite in my message on the website but really wanted to say that I am pretty freakin' frustrated that all my attempted trickery has not thwarted the dastardly frame. If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this problem, please let me know.

"I have scanned and saved pictures over the years to several photo websites like Picturetrail, Photobucket and Snapfish. I recently purchased the Brookstone My Life 10″ Digital Picture Show. I copied photos from the different websites to my computer. Then I loaded them onto a 512MB SD memory card along with other photos that were loaded on my computer from my digital camera or a memory card at different times.

The photos copied from the 3 websites to my computer are not recognized by the digital photo frame. All of the other pictures show up and are displayed with no problems. I reformatted the card and put only the photos copied from the websites onto the card to see if these images could now be displayed. When I loaded the card in the frame, the frame showed the message “Media Empty” even though there were 30 pictures on the card. The images are visible when I view the card on my computer. I have looked at the properties of these photos copied from the websites and can see no difference.

I have tried to resave, rename or edit the copied images but no matter what I’ve tried the frame does not recognize them. I am at a loss about how to get these images to be recognized by the frame."

I do like the frame otherwise but it's making me crazy that these old pictures cannot be shown. There are some really cute ones of Juannie as a young tot that I really want on the frame. I have no other way to retrieve the photos because of flooding.
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