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101 Years In 101 Words

"A study of when new words became common during the past century has had some surprising findings, such as the word "celebs" being used in 1913, the word "sex" meaning sexual intercourse being first used in 1929, and "mobile phone" dating from 1945.

Egghead (1907), wizard (1922), punk (1974), beatnik (1958), hot-desking (1991), and dumb down (1933) might also strike you as being whizzo (1905)."

Check out the list and try your hand at creating a story of 150 words maximum using as many of the words from the list as possible. There's some funny and sexed up stories, too.

Here's my late night attempt...

The lumpenproletariat buzzed when they double-clicked on the link to the hip, sexy love-in. The brainwashed Trekkies declared a ceasefire with the psychedelic hippies. The peaceniks and the beatniks were having it large. The it-girls boogied in their kitten heels, miniskirts and Wonderbras to the bossa nova karaoke. The detoxing celeb went into a tailspin and said the F-word when her mobile phone hit a microchip snafu. She couldn’t text message her power dressing botoxed toyboy from the Big Apple. The cool dot-commer sang the blues because his awesome trainers were ruined when the egghead spilled his latte over them dunking his bagel. The avant garde said cheerio and went to the kitschy drive-in when the acid jazz pissed off the punks. The ghetto fabulous gangstas in their bling bling and the Generation X guys were hip to it ad-libbing some whizzo lyrics in a sudden death rap Blitzkrieg.

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