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Tribute to Ray Charles

I watched Genius: A Night for Ray Charles. Mary J. Blige is a goddess. Stevie Wonder and Al Green were fabulous. B.B. King and Billy Preston were great and definitely didn't need the irksome Bruce Willis onstage with them. I liked Norah Jones' simple rendition of "Drown In My Own Tears." Usher did a passable job with "Georgia On My Mind" but he doesn't have much power to his voice. And Kenny Chesney was a mistake as the choice to sing "You Don't Know Me" because he has no depth or range. I love this song and he did not do justice to it.

The show ended with a recording of Ray Charles singing "America, the Beautiful" and I cried. I am so glad that I saw Ray live a few years ago and he sang this during the performance. I cried then, too.
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