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This Too Shall Pass...

"The issue for donkey is neither moving to the right nor to the left. The Democrats have the opportunity to become the true reform party. It is not as if Bush won on a positive mandate. His main message was "vote for me or they will kill you." With an increasingly ossified Republican establishment now fully in control of Washington, Democrats can truly become the insurgent party advocating fundamental reform in political and governmental institutions on behalf of the middle-class. It might be helpful to consult the old Gingrich playbook on how a minority party can seize power. Yes, the Republicans back then had voter mobilization, but they also were a party of ideas and seized the reform agenda.

Democrat governors can also be helpful in encouraging a progressive reform agenda. The state houses is where we will likely find much of the energy in the Democratic party.

So, after sitting shiva for your loss, be of good cheer Democrats. This too shall pass!"

Well put, Bull Moose. Very well put.
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