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Moderate Activity Level My Ass!

I spent the morning trying to dissipate the energy of two very lively Corgis. Do they not notice that it is very hot and sub-tropically moist today in southern Looseyana? Especially with all the furry stuff they have that is regularly shed in every crevice of the house?

1 extra long walk since I don’t have to work, 2 wrestling sessions each, 1 treat ball each (so I could get some housework done), frisbee fetch with Bessie, ball fetch with Rocky, numerous excursions in the yard to chase squirrels and each other, more wrestling with me.

Whew! I am tired. Are they? They are walking around like canine zombies… Maybe, they are fading. Not yet. They are now wrestling with each other. Success! They are finally reclining on the coolness of the faux wood floors.

I did a lot of research before deciding on Corgis as the dog of my dreams. And they are the smartest, sassiest, sweetest companions and I love them so. But I think the moderate shedding and the moderate activity level information on the dog breed websites was part of a Corgi conspiracy. I shed moderately and have a moderate activity level. Well, maybe more like low to moderate activity level. If I am really honest about it, I have a very low activity level.

So I guess it’s good that they keep my ass moving. And I wouldn’t trade these two – finally sleeping! – fur balls for anything.


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Jul. 3rd, 2004 12:59 pm (UTC)
How interesting! My grandmother raises corgis (Pembrokes), so we have two that live in the house with us. I agree wholeheartedly--whoever said corgis shed "moderately" needs a CT scan quickly. Our corgis lay around quite a bit, but maybe that's because there's nothing to do around here. Or maybe they learned it from us. Yikes.
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