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The Age of Innocence

I long for the innocence of my childhood when I got to learn about the mysterious lives of adults through liquor and cigarette ads. The people in those commercials were cool, sexy and fun to me with their glasses full of amber liquids and ice cubes while kicking around in black sheath dresses and suits & ties.

I want to return to a simpler time when I was not confronted with commercials promoting prescription medications for erectile dysfunction, arthritis and acid reflux. I don't want my primetime viewing interrupted with the information that people need help to get their sexual organs functioning. It was not cool, sexy or fun to think about Bob Dole's ED.

I want to watch television without attorneys shilling themselves as the saviors of those who took the medicines advertised on other commercials. The miracle drug users now need expensive medical and legal help to overcome the side effects of those wonders of modern medicine.

Take me back to the days when cigarettes and liquor ruled the airwaves instead of pills and shysters...
Tags: childhood, television
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