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Tick Dragging for Fun & Profit

The Worst Jobs in Science Part II

Below is the latest crop of bad science jobs:

• Anal-Wart Researcher
• Worm Parasitologist
• Lab-Animal Veterinarian
• Tampon Squeezer
• Landfill Monitor
• K-25 Demolition Worker
• Ecologist at St. John’s Harbor
• Iraqi Archaeologist
• Tick Dragger
• Nurse
• Computer Help-Desk Tech (Did polarbee nominate her job?)
• Congressional Science Fellow
• Public-School Science Teacher
• Nosologist
• Root Sorter
• Crank
• Television Meteorologist

I definitely feel for the anal-wart researchers, landfill monitors and lab-animal vets. But it's kind of hard to feel sorry for television meteorologists.

This list definitely makes me appreciate my job!
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