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The South Shall Despise Again

New Orleans is known as "The City That Care Forgot." Well, I dub the South "The Region That Kindness Forgot." But we sure haven't forgotten how to wield intolerance like a baseball bat in the hands of a drunken wife beater here in the Deep South. First burying books with gay subject matter in Alabama and now this disgraceful episode in Lafayette, LA.

"...a child was sent to the principal and had to sign a sad "Student Behavior Contract." His sin? Explaining to another student who asked why he didn't have a father that his mother was gay. The kid is 7. On the contract, he explains what his duty now is: "What I did: 'I sed bad wurds.' What I should have done: 'Cep my mouth shut.'" His punishment has been upheld, the school supported."

The story gets better from there. Now this so-called educator who sent the little guy to the principal's office in the first place is suing the child's mother for defamation. She says the boy was corrected for causing a disturbance in class but the Student Behavior Contract upholds the version of the story that he was punished for using the word "gay".

See the actual Student Behavior Contract here...

Andrew Sullivan and Atrios have posted information about this.

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