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Samples from Overheard in New York.

Businesswoman #1: How are you doing?
Businesswoman #2: Crazy. How are you?
Businesswoman #1: Not as crazy as you, I guess. Your hair looks good today.

--Midtown office

Businessman: He needs a good beating. He's starting to lose his mind.

--Midtown office

Guy on cell: Are you serious?...You really should stop smoking weed and smoking crack.

--CVS, 6th Ave. & Bleecker

Woman: Do you have a non-fiction section?
Book Guy: Well, everything that's not fiction is non-fiction. [Over] there's cooking, and there's history.
Woman: No, that's not what I asked. Do you have a section for non-fiction?
Book Guy: Well, there are no non-fiction novels. Everything here that's not a novel is non-fiction.
Woman: But you don't have a non-fiction section?
Book Guy: No. Everything that isn't fiction is non-fiction.

--Barnes & Noble, Staten Island
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