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TV Journal

I took a phone survey earlier this week on my radio listening and newspaper reading habits. I will admit that I don't read the local newspaper. It's not a great newspaper. We did subscribe for a while but I got aggravated because of the clutter with the newspaper always around and noone even read it. So I canceled the subscription. I do read news on the internet everyday which I prefer because I get to pick what I read. And I do listen to NPR News in the mornings and afternoons.

Because I participated in the survey, I received a TV viewing journal. It's not Nielsen but it will be interesting to track what we watch.

One thing I did watch today was the Belmont Stakes. I was quite disappointed that Smarty Jones did not win. But that's horse racing... It was an exciting race with Birdstone streaking past Smarty Jones in the last furlong to win. We continue to wait for another Triple Crown winner.
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