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2004 In A Nutshell

Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month in 2004. That's your year in review.

I watched part of the National Spelling Bee last night and learned some new words… A lady I work with asked me if I'd heard that Hillary Clinton was running for vice president. I stopped myself from rolling my eyes and politely said, "She can't run for vice president."… I've seen a few comments about this already but I have to express my utter lack of surprise at the announcement of terrorist threats against financial targets in New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC… I stood in line for more than two hours to meet Bill Clinton yesterday and it was worth the wait… I am back from vacation with a much better attitude than before I left… All I need to get through life is popcorn and Absorbine Junior. That's what Juannie says laughingly about me anyway… I am so sleepy. I stayed up far too late last night trying to finish Corelli's Mandolin.

I started LJ in June. Seems like I've been doing this a lot longer than that. Thanks to arikatt.
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