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Eau de Yuck

There is nothing worse than the smell of boiled seafood which is considered quite the delicacy here. To me, it reeks of decay. It makes me queasy to see it, smell it or be around it. And I definitely don’t eat it.

This is not a common affliction here in New Orleans where Lent is welcomed - whether you are Catholic or not - because everyone gorges themselves on boiled seafood every Friday. And where crawfish boils are the main excuse for social events all through the spring.

Why am I sharing this? Because Juannie ate crabs today for lunch and I am dreading the eau de yuck when I get home. No matter how diligently he deodorizes and how much incense he burns before I walk in the door, I can always smell it.

I will, of course, give him a reward for his efforts. He is cute and considerate because he eats them when I am not at home.
Tags: food, home, new orleans
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