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10 Things About Me...

Ten Things That I've Done That You *Probably* Haven't

1. Helped Nicholas Cage find his lost photo order.
2. Developed and printed crime scene photos for the police department in Daly City, CA
3. Eloped because I was a bridesmaid in 3 weddings in 1 year. (See #4.)
4. Got married by a Judge Judy look-alike at San Francisco City Hall.
5. In 1980, I met my friend's "creepy piano playing nemesis" (her description) at Loyola Music School and it turned out to be little Harry Connick, Jr. before he was famous.
6. Sang at 5 gigs and fell in love over one long 4th of July weekend.
7. Thought a life-sized stuffed LSU tiger mascot was a real tiger on the side of my parents' house until my smirking brother, who rescued it from a dumpster, told me it was fake. (I was not the only family member tricked by him.)
8. At 10 years old, I beat up the neighborhood bully to protect my brothers but don't remember doing it. (My brothers recall it as one of the best things I ever did.)
9. Cried so much over the sad fate of live minnows my father bought as bait that he let them swim free to calm me down.
10.Learned to tie my shoes using a giant dictionary and a jump rope.
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