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A Pet Peeve of Mine

I do not like it when I hear people mispronounce words and names. It makes me feel queasy. Maybe I am a word snob but I cannot help it. Here are a few words and a name that really get to me...

Pervert pronounced prevert. I had an uncle who uttered it incorrectly and this was not his only similarity to Archie Bunker.

Groin pronounced groan. I know several older ladies who make this mistake. Maybe they are so embarrassed about discussing the nether regions of the male anatomy that they just get confused and flustered.

Sink pronounced zinc. This is very common in New Orleans. They don't say it this way on commercials for SOS Pads!

Vegetables pronounced vej-ah-tibbles. I have no explanation for this.

Nuclear pronounced nucular. This is common among some Presidents from the South.

Favre pronounced farve. Favre is French name and it should be pronounced Fav-ray. There is a well-known doofus quarterback from Mississippi who can't seem to get it right.

I feel better now that I have vented.



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Jul. 19th, 2004 10:43 am (UTC)
Funny, I have problems with certain Italian words being mispronounced. Like the word "Medici" - I had a professor say this as "MEE-deech-ee" instead of "med-EH-chee" (my father's first language is Italian - not that I actually speak it, though). The professor informed me that it matters how you pronounce English and French words but who the hell cares how you pronounce Italian words. Yeah, funny guy.

I also heard a woman order "Genoa" ham as "GEE-know-a" ham instead of "gen-OWE-wah" and the word "pieta" pronounced as "pie-ta" instead of "pee-AH-tah".

Of course, I can't get outraged because these people don't speak Italian - except for the professor who should have tried harder if he's going to teach Italian history.
Jul. 19th, 2004 10:58 am (UTC)
Pie-ta!?! That's funny.

A lady I work with loves Yanni but she pronounces his name Yenni. I don't have the heart to correct her so I don't say his name when we talk about him. And we talk about him frequently because she thinks he is cute.
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